Investigative articles are in-depth investigative reports that examine something in detail. Unlike other news stories, they don’t tell what happens; they tell WHY it happened and investigate how and why this creates an important societal issue. 

Investigative articles do not tell a story, but rather recount facts to shed light on a societal issue. They provide a unique insight into the lives of another group of people, and are an important tool for bringing about change. 

Investigative articles are often told from the perspective of a single character, such as a reporter, or may be told in the first person by a subject who is the focus of the story. Such stories can examine something that has gone unnoticed or unaddressed because it is unusual to discover. The subject may also be brought out into society and given a voice by telling their story. 

Investigative articles can also be an exploration of how small one-off incidents can accumulate into larger social problems that they might not have otherwise been able to address if left alone.

What is write for us? 

Write for us is a writing platform for writers of all levels. 

Write for us is a place to work on your writing in an environment that allows you to focus on developing your writing skills by providing a supportive community and an engaging, constructive feedback mechanism. The focus of Write for us is on supporting writers and helping them develop their writing skills. 

Our goal is to provide a space for writers in which they can learn, improve, and receive positive feedback so that they become stronger writers, who can then go out into the world and make their contribution.

What are the requirements for submissions? 

  1. Word limit: 500-1500 words
  2. The content should be original and previously unpublished.
  3. The work submitted should be your own. 
  4. Article must be related to investigative articles.
  5. Plagiarism is not at all allowed.

Categories The Articles Are Not Accepted In

Please do not submit articles for the following categories since we do not accept them:

  1. Either social justice or politics (discrimination, androcentrism)
  2. Illegal activity (piracy, copyright violation)
  3. Anything vile (racism, sexism, etc.)
  4. Any information that promotes unlawful or violent conduct
  5. Nudity or pornography

Who Are We Publishing For?

We are publishing for anyone interested in receiving quality content that is well-researched and thought out. 

We have a diverse audience who enjoy reading about topics that interest them. We are publishing for everyone who loves to read well-written content: students; teachers; freelancers; businesspeople; writers looking for new ideas and inspiration; mothers looking for quality time with their children and more.